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Sneak Peek: @BecarreLS Ramadan 2012 Exhibition

I have some sneak peek pictures to share with you for tonight’s Becarre Ramadan 2012 Exhibition (link) Their signature “Najdiya” decorative slippers! Lovely pieces and some new ones added to the collection Love the hidden lightening on those pots’ covers! And … Continue reading

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@B9matnaQ8a Opening Today

@B9matnaQ8a, the first exhibition to host small (licensed) businesses in Kuwait, will open today… July 26th 2012 at 8:30PM – 12:30AM under  the patronage of Sheikh Khaled AlAbdullah AlSabah in Sheraton Hotel. The exhibition will continue for three days!   Twitter/Instagram … Continue reading

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@BecarreLS Ramadan 2012 Exhibition

Becarre Gallery cordially invites you to Ramadan 2012 Exhibition on Sunday July 29th 2012 from 8:30PM to 12:00AM Exhibition will continue till July 31st 2012 Exhibition will exhibit some of Becarre latest work and will also host: SILSAL – BTZ … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: @BecarreLS Ramadan Exhibition

It looks like Becarre Life Style will be holding an exclusive exhibition soon 😉 Stay tuned and follow them on Twitter/Instagram @BecarreLS for updates and lots of pictures. For more information call 25757725

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معرض PIINXX: مشموم الرمضاني – IIXX‎ @220KW

Gallery IIXX invites you to attend PIINXX Mashmoom Ramadan Exhibition on June 27-28 2012 from 10:00AM to 10:00PM in Gallery IIXX opposite Salhiya Complex.   Participants: Beit Besma, AlSalmaniya, Radan, Fashion Stop Boutique, and Yasmeen AlSalem.   For more info … Continue reading

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بصمتنا كويتية: اول ملتقي داعم للمشاريع الكويتية المرخصة

click image to enlarge Ba9matnaQ8a is the first exhibition to host small (licensed) businesses in Kuwait. It will take place on July 26th for three days in Sheraton Hotel. بصمتنا كويتية اول ملتقي يجمع المشاريع الكويتية المرخصة من قبل وزارة التجارة … Continue reading

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Lady M First Expo

منيرة الخميس و مي الإبراهيم يدعونكم لحضور معرضهم الأول Lady M  من ٢١ إلى ٢٥ يونيو – من الساعة ٥:٠٠ إلى ١٠:٣٠ مساءا في الروضة – قطعة ٢ – شارع ٢٣ – منزل ٣٦  تلفون: ٥٠١٦٩٠٣٣ Instagram @lady_mq8

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TeTa Designs

يشرفنا تواجدكم في معرضناالاربعاء والخميس القادم – ٢٣-٢٤ مايو …الروضه ق٣ ش٣١ م٧ TeTa Designs Teta Designs are back with a new exhibition this Wednesday & Thursday (May 23-24) in Rawda Block 3 – Street 31 – House 7 For their … Continue reading

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@Scenography_Q8 at @Mall360

برعاية معالي وزير التربية و وزير التعليم العالي الدكتور نايف فلاح الحجرف يدعوكم قسم الديكور المسرحي  للمعـــرض الفني  الأول ” سينــوغرافيا ” فـــي قاعة العروض ” 360 “مول  وســـيتــم افتتــاحه    يـــوم  ” الاثنين ” ٢١ مايو ٢٠١٢  في تمام الساعه 7 مساءاً يستمر المعرض … Continue reading

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@HIPAae at @TheDubaiMall

While in Dubai earlier this month, Shushu, Aseel, and I were given a special mini tour around The Dubai Mall with the fabulous Sara G. (link) Another mini exhibition managed to stop by was HIPA – Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid … Continue reading

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