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أفضل المشاهد من خالتي قماشه

I saw this video on P0ach and thought of sharing it with my readers 😉 Memories *sigh* httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYDQDRnxAEw (YouTube)

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Kitco Rings!

As a kid, I used to eat Kitco Rings this way… only they fitted into my little fingers back in time way better 😛 I’m sure many of you ate Kitco Rings the same way 😉 Ahhhh the old days!

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I Miss….

The view from our balcony in Spain…. Well, actually this is the view from another apartment, Omar’s… our childhood friend! This building hold a lot of memories… we made a lot of friends there and I’m almost in touch with … Continue reading

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Noman & Malsoon from Zain <3

Last night when I was about to leave the house, I got a bag from Zain Telecom with the famous Noman and Malsoon 😀 😀 😀 Remember them? I actually took the bag with me in the car – like … Continue reading

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