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Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately health reasons! I got vaccinated for Hajj around two weeks ago and it took a toll on me! I went through phases of fever going up and down, redness and swelling on my … Continue reading

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Always Remembered

اللهم ارحم كل من اشتاقت لهم ارواحنا وهم تحت التراب

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I’m Back!

Sorry I have not been active lately! First of all, I would like to thank every single person who asked about me and where did I disappear to! Well, I’m right here… was a bit under the weather, thats all! … Continue reading

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Ansam518 Last Week Digest

Heyall! Welcome back to work and to your desks! I hope you all had a wonderful long breaks 😉 For those who missed out on checking the blog during last week’s break, I have decided to make a mini reports … Continue reading

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Copyrights Problems… AGAIN!

I guess Q8yat Forum liked my Ramadan Greeting SO MUCH (link) أعتقد أنا منتدى كويتيات وايد حبو تهنئتي الرمضانية SO SO MUCH that one of the forum moderators used it and added their watermark on it!!! حبوها لدرجة إن واحدة … Continue reading

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The Attack of Killer Cookies

Last weekend we were attacked by @CookiPizza and @ButtercupCafe 😉 So, okay… to start with… we had some friends over at our place… of course it was fun and we talked about a lot of things, ate dinner, socialized… blah blah blah, till … Continue reading

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Picking a Name For a Business

و أنا بالسالمية لمحت صالون مملوحه… أنا مو ضد التسمية مملوحه- بس أعتقد تسمية المحل تأثر على الصالون نفسه بشكل عام! شرايكم؟ شكلي بكتب بوست كامل عن أسامي بعض المحلات في الكويت    As I was driving in Salmiya, I … Continue reading

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My Neon @Fyunka Celine Cross Bag

As mentioned earlier in a post today (link), I had a surprise waiting for me at Fursa! It was a neon green Fyunka Celine cross bag! I opened the bag and found an envelope waiting for me from Alaa 😉 … Continue reading

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Random Thought

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves – Confucius

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How To Wear Pleated Skirts!

I recently bought a pastel pleated skirt (link) – I remember I was crazy about pleated skirt when I was a teen for some reason, and I am bringing it back to my wardrobe! I have worn that skirt a … Continue reading

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