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Recommended: Shiseido Hair & Body Freshener

#Shiseido Hair & Body Freshener is a total body refresher that neutralizes cigarette smoke, cooking aromas, and other odors that cling to the hair and skin (link).   هذا المنتج من شيسيدو يستعمل كمعطر للشعر و الجسم و إعادة الانتعاش … Continue reading

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Spices for Weight Loss

Sheri sent our Drip group a #reposted picture of spices for weight loss 😉 I do not know the source, since its a circulated material, but might as well spread it out… it’s worth sharing Sheri… you keep those good tips/posts coming … Continue reading

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Breakfast at @CocoaRoom_

I went with Nouf A. earlier today for breakfast at the Cocoa Room We reached the place at around 8:15AM it was semi empty – weather was nice, and I have noticed few new faces but saw the famous and … Continue reading

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Do You Suffer From Water Retention? by @DRIP_kwt

Coach Duaa is back this week with more useful tips for me and my blog readers! As she explains, over the years, she have been asked this question many times, “Do you suffer from water retention?” “I do so much cardio … Continue reading

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Hajj Preparations Updates

كتبت لكم موضوع كامل عن استعدادات الحج بس حبيت أعطيكم أخر التحديثات على الموضوع – تقدرون تلقون معلومات و بالصور على الإنستاجرام هش تاق  ansamhajj2012 أو تشوفون المواضيع ذات الصلة بالمدونة على هذا الرابط  https://ansam518kw.wpengine.com/tag/hajj-2012/ I have posted about our Hajj … Continue reading

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@Hamlat_Alshaya Preparations

إذا كنتم من متابعيني على تويتر و الإنستاجرام أكيد دريتو إني بسافر مع حملة الشايع للحج هذه السنة If you have been following my instagram and twitter posts, you would know by now that I am going to Hajj with … Continue reading

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Workout Nutrition Tips For Fat-Loss by @DRIP_kwt

What to eat for your pre-workout meal? The question we keep asking ourselves before hitting the gym! Dear coach Duaa from Drip shared some useful tips with me for my blog readers 😉 1.     Consume your meal 3 hours before … Continue reading

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Confused About Carbs?! by @DRIP_kwt

How and when to eat carbs while still burning fat!? Confused??? No worries, Drip is here to the rescue 😉 Its a new featureI will be adding to my blog by the Fabulous Duaa Hussein, founder of Drip Kuwait, and her amazing … Continue reading

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Hygienna Solo

مفيد جدا للحجاج اللي يحاتجون إستخدام دورات المياه عند المبيت في منى و للسفر بوجه عام Very useful to use for Pilgrims traveling to Mecca for Hajj or traveling in general انبوب يتم تركيبه على قناني الماء البلاستيكية  ليتحول الى … Continue reading

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Hajj Preparations

This year I will be performing pilgrimage to Hajj in Mecca inshallah, and thought of sharing posts about it from time to time to give you tips and get tips in return 😉 إن شاء الله أنا بحج السنة و حبيت أشارككم … Continue reading

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