@EdenSalonSpaKw : I Do

Another awesome video of some of “the behind the scenes” for Eden’s Photo Shoot (click here for their first video)



  • Hair done by Mez & Make up done by Sabah
  • In collaboration with The November Company for Flowers & Wedding arrangements
  • Wardrobe: The number 4 & PRONOVIAS
  • Stylist: Haya Al-AbdulKareem
  • Photographer: Faisal AlBisher
  • Video Editing: Mahmoud AlSayad
For more on Eden, you can check their website (link) – go on Facebook and LIKE their page, and follow them on twitter@EdenSalonSpaKw
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4 Responses to @EdenSalonSpaKw : I Do

  1. Marzouq says:

    Honestly I’m impressed with the quality of the video! And for the first time you can see Kuwaiti females smiling naturally, it feels like a normal video and they were having fun! Alah ewafighum o inshalla their business takes off!

    The Photographer has skills! I want some of those lenses, and the video editor did a pretty good job!

  2. fashfad says:

    Just FYI, at least one of the girls is not Kuwaiti. She is Indian and is quite popular.

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