CHEAPer Replicas of @F2oDesigns

في واحد مشارك بمعرض و عنده كم قطعة من تصميم فاطمة العثمان ماخذهم و طابعهم على تيشيرتات بحجة إن لاقيهم بالنت و مو راضي يعترف إن هالشي غلط

I was SHOCKED to see @F20Designs well known design tees stolen by someone by the name of A&S Desgin (not Design 😛 ) who is proud to be taking pictures of the net (as if that was okay to do) and selling them for less price then her originals! The audacity of some people!

The problem is that he is refusing to admit that what he is doing is totally wrong and acceptable! I do not even have words to explain how that makes me feel

 I checked his timeline on twitter and this is a print-screen of it!!!!!

Please spread the word and stop this! This is NOT acceptable!!!

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25 Responses to CHEAPer Replicas of @F2oDesigns

  1. q says:

    I think posting his face is illegal and you coud be sued. Please remove or cover his face.

    • Ansam518 says:

      Who said its illegal when I took it from his OWN PUBLIC tweets 🙂 That is why I posted the picture with everything – actually its a print screen of his own “Public” tweets/pics… by the way, the whole idea of this post is to talk about f2O stolen designs 😉 Lets not dance around the subject and focus on the main point….

      And just so you know, I did cover his public posted picture for you! Whatever makes you happy! Thanks for your tip!!

      • Df3t Merdy says:

        personal image is not copytrighted.

        photos however are.

        for example, If i take a picture of 7ayat al fahad, she cannot tell me NOT to use the photo. She however, cannot use HER photo without my permission.

        i wish people wouldnt talk for the sake of talking.

  2. SimSim says:

    انها فعلا قضية القرن 🙁

  3. Mazen says:

    What kills me is that he think he did not do anything wrong!?!

  4. razan says:

    OMG !!! sij le qaloo fooq shena qowat 3ena !! min sija !! ‘7al terfa3 3aleh qa’6eya

  5. SaraD says:

    Alsara7a some Kuwaitis lack ethics, and do not understand the importance of creativity and originality, so its much easier to copy and paste someone else’s successful business and in her unfortunate case also her sketches!
    This also reminds me of Georgetown Cupcakes, they stole the box color, the logo AND the name!! And on top of that they claim they studied how to make cupcakes for 2 years in NY?! lol It all boils down to how stupid do they believe the consumers are.

  6. Owlolive says:

    Agreed 100%. This person committed crimes of property theft on three different levels! Creative, intellectual, and manufactured property theft!

    Fatima Al-Othman has every right to sue him and prosecute him to the full extent of the Kuwaiti law to retrieve what’s hers and to show the rest of society that this kind of stealing, whether local or international, is not only morally unacceptable but legally punishable. It really has become an epidemic in Kuwaiti business where people think they can steal other peoples hard work, profit from it, and walk away without a scratch.

    It’s a very sad state of affairs 🙁 All the best to you and all the other bloggers for trying to stop this guy!

    • Ansam518 says:

      People should be more aware of copyrights and related issues… no one is educating them right, and you can see that clearly when he said he got them of the net, as if that was okay to do! Its so sad

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  9. yaber says:

    i think this is a habba now in Kuwait! specially for people who lack business ethics ! I Think Fatma AlOthman should sue him ALL THE WAY ! o yekoon 3ebra 7ag ghaira.

  10. Fifi says:

    also el 3aib eb the Exhibition itself! how come they don’t know what is going on in Kuwait ! what’s original and what’s not ?! ehya salfat ma3rath wel salam ? or salfat abi eflos 7ag my summer trip ? ew ew ew

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  12. Th.haba says:

    9ej waqe7! ma fakkar ena el flos eli yatla mn wara kel ge63a ba3ha flos 7aram leana bag ta3ab o majhood ghaira? mno yrtha 3ala nfsa eb fils 7aram web kel borood a39ab o la mobalah! atmana enha ma tasket 3anna 3ashan ghaira ye3teber, dam mako khoof mn 3qobat allah (staghfarallah) at least ekon fee khof mn 3oqobat el qanoon.

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